About College

Akole Taluka Education Society,the mother-institution of the college, is established in 1972.During 1971-1972, Maharashtra was undergoing a very dreadful famine and millions of workers were working on the employment guarantee scheme for their daily bread all over the state. Akole Taluka was no exception to this but the urge for education was so intense and strong that each worker paid one rupee each for this noble cause and with this holy, sweat-scented money, that this college was started in 1974. 

The college has been started with 94 students and 6 lecturers, the college has now 4500 students and 175 staff members. 

To conclude, we would like to make a humble note of our richest cultural heritage and that is Lord Agasti. All of us are aware that Lord Agasti is the first Arya who crossed the Vindhya mountain ranges and settled at this very place. Today we also have a famous temple of Lord Agasti on the bank of river Pravara. Agasti was the pioneer grammarian of the Tamil language and a social revolutionary who married Lopamudra and it was the first inter-caste marriage. It is in keeping with the tradition that we welcome you all on this campus on the tune of the University of Pune anthem composed by the famous Maharashtrian poet, Mangesh Padgaonkar which goes as follows:


“We pray the Goddess Saraswati to give us a boon 
That knowledge should be associated with action 
And action be accompanied by knowledge 
Irrespective of caste religion and other differences.”